Sunday February 26, 2017
KING'S LYNN Young Stars have been dealt a blow after Kyle Hughes informed the club of his decision to stand down from his role at No.1.

Hughes was unveiled for the National League side last month but has now opted to quit due to concerns over injuries he sustained during the 2016 campaign with Eastbourne and Mildenhall.

The 27-year-old has apologised to everyone at the club but says he had to put himself first.

"I haven't lead King's Lynn on," said Hughes. "They were aware of certain things and while Dale Allitt (King's Lynn Chief) has been brilliant in trying to sort things, my mind was already made up.

"I would like to thank everyone at the club because they've done a lot for me this winter. They tried to get my average reduced to help me get fixed up in the SGB Premiership and they've been very supportive in a lot of ways over the winter.

"Last season was another disastrous one for me; suffering a broken leg in April and then a collarbone / shoulder injury in August.

"They were just two more injuries added to a long list that I've suffered in my career and after a bit they start to take their toll.

"I've been in the gym a lot trying to shake off an ankle problem and to try and be as fit as I can to be as competitive as I can.

"In some respects, I'd have been riding against doctors orders for the first part of the season anyway, but I sat back, looked at everything properly and thought 'is it worth the risk right now?'

"I turn 28 this year, I've got a second child due in March too and I need to start putting myself and my family first.

"I'm gutted to let Dale and the club down and I did have quite high hopes for this season, but for now I'm going to take some time out and we'll see what happens in the future."

Meanwhile, Lynn Chief Allitt said: "Obviously it's very disappointing but with the new season so close, we simply have to look forwards.

"We're far from panicking; myself and Scott (Campos - Young Stars team manager) are looking at a few options available to us and it's our job now to decide who we feel can do the best job for the Young Stars."

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